How to gain visibility statistics while working remotely


Gaining visibility is very important especially as a remote worker. Some of the ways to do so include; meeting face-to-virtual-face whenever possible – not just once in a while, dress the part – it does not matter if it is a video call and you are at home, speak up during meetings, be proactive and ask others what they need, schedule one-on-one video calls with your  colleagues, and send your manager a weekly recap of your accomplishments.

According to report, about 36% of employees had a visibility strategy. Some of which included making sure projects kept moving, helping out colleagues, offering new ideas, and volunteering for a task or opportunity.

Managers were not also left out as 54% of managers said offering new ideas is a great way for employees to increase their visibility.

You can improve on your face to virtual face meeting by doing one or all of the following; Provide communication tools -not having adequate communication tools can be an obstacle to remote face-to-face communication, schedule regular video calls, host office hours, prioritize team calls, and work on your communication skills.

The hardest part about having to work remotely is that remote work comes without that physical office comradery, lunchroom banter and water fountain chat. With that said, working from home can be extremely lonely and isolating a times. The importance of scheduling calls, both personal and professional, throughout the day can never be over emphasized on. Stay in touch with loved ones and use your webcam whenever possible.

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